Debut Story “Cubed” Now Available!

What a wonderful day! Today, The Storyletter Substack published a debut short story called “Cubed”, written and submitted by Golden Boy. The story follows Ruby, a professional puzzler, as she gets teleported into an anime-style puzzle death game on the eve of the World Puzzle Championship to face an unexpected foe and the subsequent emotions that emerge out of disbelief in her own capabilities.

The Storyletter is excited to keep bringing readers wonderful stories such as this one. We’d love to have you join us over on Substack, all you need to do is drop your email in the prompt as soon as you follow the link, or if you’d like, you can check out our entire archive of over 30 free stories before hitting subscribe to get even more great fiction in your inbox.

Publishing to a growing audience has never been easier! If you’re an emerging writer looking to engage with a group of dedicated readers, consider joining our XPress membership to get access to submission privileges, audio versions of stories, behind-the-scenes posts, the private Discord community, and much more to come!

XPress is 50% off (only $2.50) throughout 2022, so it’s the absolute best time to check it out! For every story we publish, we currently pay our writers $15 USD, or equivalent value in an XPress gift membership.

We want to help independent writers by promoting their work! Even if you publish with us, you hold all the rights to your story, and can remove it from the Substack after our requested 6 month exclusivity timeframe. Thanks for checking out our work and we look forward to seeing you in the comments! ~WM

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