“Toothache From Hell” Available for Free!

It's Saturday!! You know what that means: FREE story drop just for you! "Toothache From Hell" is a magical realism/body horror piece written by Daniel W. Davison, a frequent guest author on The Storyletter Substack. This short story follows Adam Abbot as he navigates a tortured existence of bullying, domestic abuse, and the constant physical... Continue Reading →

Debut Story “Cubed” Now Available!

What a wonderful day! Today, The Storyletter Substack published a debut short story called "Cubed", written and submitted by Golden Boy. The story follows Ruby, a professional puzzler, as she gets teleported into an anime-style puzzle death game on the eve of the World Puzzle Championship to face an unexpected foe and the subsequent emotions... Continue Reading →

The Substack Life

Hey there, I created a Substack a little over six months ago and this has been my experience so far. I've slowly accumulated 77 wonderful subscribers. The initial 20, or so, were family and friends, but ever since then it's been a slow grind pumping out short fiction for people to enjoy. I've been getting... Continue Reading →

A Dark Reflection (Flash Fiction)

I pressed the button on the chamber door and it slid up with a hiss. I stepped through and the motion lights embedded to either side of me brightened, then dimmed back to energy-saving mode as I made my way down the pristine, white corridor. The corridor led to a chamber known as the Galaxry,... Continue Reading →

O2 Reviews: Minds.com + Review Update

Hello there! It's been a long time since I've posted anything review related. Here's why: In 2015, I had the idea for O2 Reviews which was basically my personal version of a dumbed-down Rotten Tomatoes where I categorized the film-making process and ranked each section with a breathable O2 meter. The downside was that it... Continue Reading →

Undying Faith

I’ve lost you in body but not in spirit. You are forever present as long as we remember. The world may not recall your sacrifice, but your life was not yielded in vain. My thoughts of you have become memories, my memories into prayers. My faith persists. So will you. ~Spoken by Batyg to her... Continue Reading →

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