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What We’re Looking For

Storyletter XPress Publishing LLC publishes speculative flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas, and poetry.

As a family-friendly publisher; we only consider submissions that follow our clean content guidelines. This includes no excessive profanity, overtly sexual content, or graphic violence for the sake of violence. Submissions containing such content will not be considered unless the writer agrees to a clean revision process. For references, please check out what we’ve previously published on the Substack, or read the FAQ section below for exact guidelines.

Submissions should be aimed at ages 14+. Short fiction and poetry should be between 100-10,000 words. Novelettes and novellas (serial fiction) can be up to 50,000 words. Storyletter XPress Publishing LLC is not accepting picture book or early reader chapter book submissions. Novels longer than 50,000 words are not being considered at this time.

Must be over 18 years of age to submit.

Fiction must be completed before submission.

Why Join The Storyletter Community

The Storyletter is a growing online writing community on Substack. We have an ever-expanding list of subscribers excited to read new and awesome stories. As a writer, you can interact with a dedicated fanbase in the comments of your publication and get to know your readers.

Submitting is easy as long as the requirements are met. We aim to streamline the process so writers will come to enjoy publishing with The Storyletter long into the future. This is where XPress comes in. As an XPress member of the community, you will receive the following perks known as First Class:

  1. Request quality feedback, critiques, editorial suggestions, marketing tips and social media advertising; all included in the price of an XPress membership (currently $2.50/month or $25/year during 2022)
  2. With our private Discord, network with the community to get even closer to your favorite writers and readers.
  3. With enough XPress members, The Storyletter can start paying its writers for the exclusivity of their work, hire editors to assist with quality control, and increase paid advertising. Writers published through The Storyletter will receive complimentary prizes such as gift memberships (XPress) and Gift Store discounts.
  4. XPress submissions are eligible for consideration to be published in the physical and digital anthology edition of The Storyletter.
  5. You also have the option to paywall your story to earn profits from new paying subscribers. The Storyletter will split that month’s profits evenly among other paywalled stories.

You can still submit your work for consideration to be published on The Storyletter without becoming an XPress member, but you will not have access to the aforementioned perks and the acceptance rate is far lower. XPress members gain priority status and their work is almost guaranteed to get published.

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Guidelines and FAQs

How do I submit my story?

Please read the complete submission guidelines and the frequently asked questions before attempting to submit your story. Once you’ve read the guidelines and believe your story is a good fit for The Storyletter, submit your story here..

Why do writers join as paying subscribers?

Joining Storyletter XPress is useful in many ways for both The Storyletter Substack and you as a writer. It benefits us (the publisher) because it lets us know that you’re serious about your work and you want to support your fellow writers. It also pays for overhead costs such as editorial time, marketing costs, writer payouts, artwork commissions, website fees and so much more. All of the money from paying members will be put back into growing The Storyletter community in some way.

What do you mean by family-friendly?

We have strict content guidelines. We understand that some stories require certain content in order to accomplish the purposes of the story, but Storyletter XPress Publishing LLC does not publish those types of stories.

For guidelines, see below:

  • Swearing: Some light swearing may be acceptable. Submitting writers must be willing to edit all swearing out, if requested by our editors. This includes swearing in English as well as other real languages, but not swear words in fantasy or alien tongues. 
  • Violence: While we enjoy action, violence should not be glorified or graphic. Deaths may occur, but there should be minimal blood and gore. Physical torture is unacceptable. If descriptions of death is unavoidable, please consider taking an artistic approach.
  • Sexual content: No sex scenes. Absolutely no rape. No descriptions of nudity. Innuendo and crude humor may be tolerated depending on the subject matter. 
  • Controversial topics: Storyletter XPress Publishing LLC does not publish stories that delve into controversial political or religious issues, such as gun control, abortion, real-life political parties/candidates. This doesn’t mean you can’t use allegory or metaphor, but it should be nuanced and subtly implied.

Additional rules may apply to your story that are not listed here. 

If you are uncertain about your content, you can contact us with a description or example of the content.

Can I submit previously published or self-published manuscripts?

Yes. All previous e-book publications need to be discontinued from sale on any digital retailer and previous print publications would need to be out of print and removed from on-demand printing. The author must be in possession of all the rights. Please include information about the previous publication and previous sales of the story/series in our submission form. Our submission file format guidelines still apply to previously published titles. Do not send print-ready PDFs. If accepted, we will edit, design, and publish previously published titles through our normal publishing process.

Should I submit my book to you? It’s about…

Storyletter XPress Publishing LLC ONLY reviews submissions sent through our form and the accompanying synopsis and manuscript delivery instructions. We do not review emailed queries, sample chapters, or partial manuscripts. We are happy to answer questions about our submission process or preferred genres over email, but we will not review author bios, outlines, queries, pitches, or other submission materials that have not been sent through our form.

Do you accept translations of books in other languages?

As long as the author or translator can work with our editors in English, we are happy to consider translated titles. In order to be considered, the manuscript must read naturally to native speakers or be able to read naturally with minor editing. The author’s and character’s voices must still be strong, despite being translated. We will put all manuscripts through our normal editing processes, even if they are already published in another language. This includes any necessary plot edits. 

Do you accept submissions from authors outside the United States?

Yes, we accept submissions from anywhere in the world, but we only publish stories in English.

Will you translate my book into English?

Storyletter XPress Publishing LLC does not currently translate stories. We only accept stories that have already been translated into good English.

When should I submit?

Submissions are considered on a first come, first serve basis. Storyletter XPress Publishing LLC reserves the right to close submissions at any time.

Can I include artwork in my submission?

No, submissions should be text only. At this time Storyletter XPress Publishing LLC is not accepting picture book submissions or color illustrations. Do not include cover art. If you have a cover design or illustration that pairs with your submission, let us know in the submission form.

Do you make exceptions to your word count requirements?

Submissions below 50 words or over 10k words will not be eligible for short fiction/poetry entry. If your story is intended for serial format, then submissions over 10k words may be considered if qualifying information is properly filled out within the submission form section regarding novelettes and novellas.

Can I submit multiple titles for your consideration?

Yes, but try to limit one entry per submission category (poetry, short story, novella, etc.) to give our editors time to review each submission.

Need Help?

Have questions not answered here? Use our contact form to ask for more information. Or check out this post where we break down the steps to submit your stories. Submissions are now open!

Submission queries sent through the contact form will not be considered. Do not send outlines, summaries, or query letters. 

For more info, head on over to the About page. In the meantime, tell your friends!

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