#ChallengeTheProud Contest

Hey there! So many of you know I use Wattpad regularly to publish my stories and connect with readers and other writers. I believe it is an invaluable resource and I’m thrilled to have discovered it when I did. Because of the social media aspect of the app/website I’ve found it to be much more encouraging to write, as readers have motivated me to stay accountable and continue releasing chapters weekly in hopes of entertaining them. One of these readers I’ve come to know and respect is actually a fellow writer named Julia Proud.

Julia was one of the first people I’d never met in person to give my story a chance. She gave me valuable feedback and genuine encouragement during the beginning stages of my story’s development. I can’t thank her enough for all the kind words and helpful tips she’s given me so far. She’s also a very talented writer whose works I’ve come to enjoy, and I’m impressed at her dedication to the craft. She’s developed quite a following in her #ChallengeTheProud events on twitter in which followers can present a particular prompt (challenge) and she must write a short story based on the prompt/challenge.

A few days ago she unveiled a new website dedicated to the challenge event called http://challengetheproud.com. On this website you can view the 30 short stories she’s developed from the contest and vote on your favorite one. This is the coolest part in my opinion: the one with the most votes becomes a full length novel. The voters even get a free copy of the final edition. That’s great! I love this idea.

If you’d like to participate in the event head on over to her website and check out the process. Don’t forget to subscribe with your email and cast your vote on the story you’d like to see become a full novel. Deadline is June 30th!!! If you’d like to know more about Julia or would like to see more of her work here are some links below:




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