The website is here!!

Lots of stuff to talk about, so little time! I’m going to try and keep this short.

1) Got the new website up and running for Storm-Fallen news and updates. This will allow me to promote the story more effectively and connect with readers from multiple media platforms.

2) I’m currently revising the published chapters on Wattpad for reasons I shall disclose in the coming months. Don’t worry, I’m still going to publish new chapters weekly! Chapter 22 will release this week.

3) I’m working on my very own entertainment review system. A lot of times reviews can be misleading and/or vague. With O2 Reviews I want to have a dynamic dual rating system that ranks it within its Genre and its Medium. Ex. Friday the 13th and The Walking Dead are both Horror but will also be rated in their respective Mediums as one is a Movie and the other is a Show. It will definitely need some tweaking so if you have any ideas, or want to contribute, feel free to contact me.

And that’s about it for this update. Thanks for reading! I hope you like the website and look out for more content as I post. You can get email alerts if you sign up for them in the menu section.~WM

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