Undying Faith

I’ve lost you in body but not in spirit. You are forever present as long as we remember. The world may not recall your sacrifice, but your life was not yielded in vain. My thoughts of you have become memories, my memories into prayers. My faith persists. So will you. ~Spoken by Batyg to her... Continue Reading →

When the Storm Rages

When the storm rages, I feel you there. You’re in the warm rain, caressing my skin. You’re in the rush of the wind, whispering in my ear. You’re the clouds, filling the heavens with your presence. You’re the migrating gulls, the crash of waves, the bending of trees, and the rustling of their leaves. When... Continue Reading →

In the Heart of Darkness

In the heart of Darkness, I see you, a dark too Dark to travel through. The pain you wield is coming down, why oh why do you leave me now? I wonder what could have been had the world not ceased to spin. You guided me to the crystal light, a saving grace that gives... Continue Reading →

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